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Insidious Truth by zomberinacontagion Insidious Truth by zomberinacontagion
This is my entry for the Make Ugly Contest for the mutation category. I wanted to highlight the subtle changes to your body that are made by the intake of carcinogens and other poisons that are disguised as a "lifestyle", "past time", or "indulgence" by the tobacco industry. Fun at first, but eventually your body, even your cognitive faculties, are changed.... mutated into monstrosity from within. Many, by the time they realize the change caused from within by tobacco products, have no chance to reverse these poisonous tendrils of mutative disease.

I tried to keep with popular, eye catching coloration, much like the fun packaging of tobacco products that attracts our youth to try smoking to begin with. Some of our youth are aware, firsthand, of the dangers of smoking, and engage in the practice anyway. That is why I wanted a dangerous appearance to this mutated figure, showing the obvious danger, but the attraction to it is still irresistible to some. I kept the eyes bright, and penetrating, because no matter how ill the person, no matter how much our body changes, we can still read the soul in one's eyes - sometimes, even in death. And the darkness I wanted enveloping everything, because that is what side effects of poisonous tobacco products do... they darken everything around you, leaving the focus only on the unwanted mutation in your body.
CatCouch Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
It's definitely eye-catching. The face being the brightest draws the eye to it fairly well. A pretty unique entry, very different in style and tone. It's confrontational.
zomberinacontagion Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Oh, wow! Thanks for stopping by and critiquing! LOL I didn't think anyone would really bother to look at it besides the judges. Thanks!! Yeah, I really wanted it to kind of pop out from the rest somewhat, which doesn't guarantee a win, but at least some notice? I'm in the middle of an art class, so tried to apply some of my lessons here.
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June 23, 2013
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